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  • VasKo Bianco
  • VasKo sala da pranzo
  • VasKo particolare
  • Confezione regalo

VasKo - Eco vase in white cardboard

maker: Thin-k

production time: 5 working days

  • Buy 2 for €20.50 each and save 7%

VasKo...eco vase in white cardboard.

An original idea for a gift! 

Design by ThinK MAKE in Italy!


Eco vase in white shiny corrugated paper.

Easy to built. The gift package includes the glass tube and assembly instructions.

External dimensions 22x22x26 cm. 

Design by ThinK!

MAKE in Italy!


Additional Information
Maker Thin-k
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Ideas,project, design employing cardboard Thin-k Lightness of thought .... This is the key to a creative idea; cardboard that takes shape and becomes art, design and an everyday object . It is for this reason that our creations, handcrafted in Italy , are not just mere pieces of furniture but dreams and inspirations that become lamps, light fixtures, clocks, tables and much more to discover . We strive to satisfy our customers whilst keeping the environment in mind.   All of this in our opinion is Thin-K. .. a captivating story of creativity , passion and dedication written by Claudio the cardboard expert , Stefano the designer and Fabrizio the creative one. One day, locked in the lab, they imagined and then created a bedside table with built-in LED lamp and usb charger and thought that every home would be more beautiful and contemporary with a eco-friendly and appealing cardboard object of design.   We also want to give life to your projects: send us a drawing, a note and we will give shape to your creativity with unique and exclusive customizations.

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