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Go / Stay - Lasercut pendant

maker: Positivo Negativo

production time: 5 working days


GO / Stay -  Lasercut pendant of the OUT OF Collection by Positivo | Negativo.

Each GO / Stay pendant is a unique piece! Every jewel has the same graphic but a label which gives uniqueness to every pendant. This engraved which is different for every pendant make the accessories all different from the previous and the next one.

The pendant (measurements 3 x 4.5 cm) is assembled on a little metal chain 50cm lenght included in the price.

The product is entirely made and packaged in Italy.


GO / Stay  - Pendant of the OUT OF Collection by Positivo | Negativo.


The Positivo | Negativo Jewels are a new digital brand able to reveal the real essence of the human person in its complexity and made of contraddictions and opposites. The Positivo | Negativo Jewels speak about everyone of us and shown our mood allowing us to to choose the opposite subject which most represent us.

In particular the GO / Stay pendant is open to all who chose to leave and change their situation in order to remain true to themselves. The pendant is perfect for all who tend to face their fears and who love life too much for waste it following other people's dreams instead of their own.



  • The product is composed by the pendant (measurements 3 x 4.5 cmassembled on a little metal chain 50cm lenght.
  • The pendant is realized in acrylic lasercut with 3 mm of thickness.


  • The product is packaged in an elegant gift box consists of a box in cardboard decorated with black satin ribbon and label of thanks.
  • The product is placed inside a padded envelope with bubble wrap havana.


  • The product is realized in Italy.
Additional Information
Maker Positivo Negativo
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White - black, empty - solid, positive - negative: digital jewels that explore the human existence revealing the opposites that live within ourselves. Positivo | Negativo is a jewerly collection made by laser cut acrylic material that aim at talking to men about themselves. Its collection is a solid digital art manifestation availed of the ancient art of thinking, handed down from philosophy; art only, indeed, can reveal the true and complex essence of human being in which opposites and contraddiction live side by side. Positivo | Negativo jewels talk to each one of us, they reveal to us what we are and let us choose among the opposite which better represents ourselves. POSITIVO | NEGATIVO COLLECTION - YOUNG Collection The pendants of YOUNG Collection present common themes which are represented with fresh and modern graphics. - OUT OF Collection The pendants of OUT OF Collection are made by requests and ideas of customers. Positivo | Negativo let you to make real in a jewel your personal idea of opposite, the ones that better represent yourselves and that tells better your inner essence. OUT OF Collection is a selection of your unique jewels and shares opposites, stories and feeling of each pendants with those who will could choise them to represent themselves.

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