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Bubble necklace on laser cut acrylic

maker: Mathysa

production time: 20 working days

Bubble Necklace on lasercut acrylic - geometric necklace - with black plated cable chain.
Bubble Necklace on lasercut acrylic - geometric necklace. Original design by Mathysa. The necklace is inspired by the modern design and is made on satin acrylic laser cut. The necklace is double-sided: one side is matt (satin) one side is polished. The necklace is full of black plated cable chain. The size of the necklace make it particularly flashy. The jewel measures 16 cm x 11 cm (6.3” x 4.33”). The thickness of the necklace is 3 mm (0.118”). The chain (including the jewel) measures 48 cm (18.9”).
Additional Information
Maker Mathysa
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Mathysa jewels born from the meeting of two great passions: art, in all its forms of expression, and technology. In fact Mathysa jewels born from the desire to experiment with new forms of jewelry design and the opportunity came from discovery cutting and laser engraving. After experimenting with different materials the acrylic satin becomes one of the most popular materials used for Mathysa jewelry production. This for the pleasantness of acrilyc satin surface and the natural elegance that this material gives to each jewel. The inspiration sources for Mathysa jewels creation are the most varied. They range from Art Nouveau to Arabic decor, from street art to pop. But even the dome of a church or a lace veil can be a source of inspiration and turn into a Mathysa jewel . Mathysa jewels want to excite and surprise you and sometimes give a jewel a touch of poetry.




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